Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Edibles to Grow Year Round | Cool Climate

One of the biggest disappointments we face in gardening is when we have to stop. Winter looms and plants die and we count down the days until Spring. Well here’s a handy little guide of the five easiest plants to grow year round in cool climate weather, even when that scary frost is rearing.


Not every variety of carrots is suitable, but most stores and brands – such as The Seed Collection and Mr Fothergill’s – sell ‘every season’ carrots. If you’re from a cool climate like me, these ‘every season’ seeds are often a write off as soon as we get hit with repeated frosts, however I’ve had success with every season carrots in below zero temperatures for three consecutive years.


While I would recommend starting these seeds in spring, once you have an established plant (2 – 3 months old) silverbeet will endlessly produce for years to come, even when left a little neglected. 
To get the most out of your plant, remove the leaves regularly, even if you aren’t ready to eat them.


While this one can’t be picked and eaten year round, it is helpful to work it into your ‘year-long’ schedule. I plant mine in March and pull in September in my garden. These guys are slow growing and the longer you can leave them the better!


There are loads of lettuce varieties that will survive both the cold and the hot, and you can pick the leaves year round ready to chuck into a fresh salad or wrap. The loose-leaf varieties are the best option for this, as their ‘pick and go’ qualities allow them to remain productive year round.


Once you’ve got your herb garden going, you will never be short on produce to cook and flavour with. I’d recommend starting with chives, lemon balm, thyme and oregano as with appropriate care they will remain productive and won’t die off over the colder months. If you’d like a separate post on how to get the most out of your herbs – send me a message on Instagram or leave a comment below!

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