Friday, 14 April 2017

Homemade Potting Mix Project

Sandy, salty soil means I usually spending more on correction and bagged potting mix than actual plants to put in it. So I've decided to trial making a cheaper mix at home, from a trailer load of the soil I already have in the ground here (purchased from another person though) and some things mixed in a turned and set over Autumn and Winter.

This post is just a little overview of what I plan to add in and I'll update sporadically to show what has worked, what hasn't and the progress of the mix!
So I've put some dirt in an old bath tub, with drainage holes to ensure it doesn't go sour. I have so far added 1/3 old chicken poop from the coop (cute rhyme, right?), some newspaper, and I've been pouring fish tank water from water changes in weekly.

I'm not beginning a 6 week round of green compost, with fenugreek my plant of choice this time. I'm going to do a green compost tutorial / tips post soon, so subscribe on the left if you don't want to miss that one!

There's my little update for today - happy planting!

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