Monday, 27 March 2017

When Do I Water My Plants?

When I first started gardening, I watered my plants willy nilly. Okay, I still do, but I understand there is actually a method to it now.
I used to water them as the sun was going down, with the logic that the hot afternoon Sun would burn the leaves. Not totally crazy, but as it turns out, the best time to water your plants is early morning!

Plants need water in the soil to pull up the nutrients, and the 'good stuff' - imbibing and respiring - happens when they're exposed to the Sun. Thanks photosynthesis. So, if soil, plants and their roots are dry while the UV is hitting them, not much can really happen.

Now let me tell you, when I started waking up early to water my garden before the Sun hit them, I saw a massive change. I was getting produce and flowers and pretty things even when afternoon watering, but the difference in growth within just a few days of morning watering blew my mind.

What time of day do you water your plants? What do you find works best for you?
Will you be making a change now?

Happy Gardening!

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