Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Why I've Been AWOL?!

Hello my lovely readers! It's apparent I owe you an explanation.
I've been missing in action for a few weeks now and I'd love to let you know why now that it's all sorted out. I'm gonna drop some pictures of my garden before the read more break, just so if you don't want to go any further into my personal life, you can still see what I've been up to outside!

Also - a word of warning to all of my young lady readers who haven't had their first pap-smears yet - DO IT. STOP PUTTING IT OFF AND GET YOUR BUTT TO THE GP AND GET. IT. DONE.
It'll make more sense as to why I'm suddenly passionate if you read below. 
Strepsils the Rooster is judging you.

Okay so first. My garden.

Next.. The rest
Firstly, I'm working on a little advertising project. There will be ads in the sidebar of the blog for a month, starting Feb 20. Don't panic! They're not google generated or cookie generated and they're totally relevant to YOU. I've got some small businesses who run gardening apps, produce handmade skin care products and more, and I'm advertising for them for free. In part because I love small business, and in part because I want to help you guys find SUN SAFE products, NETWORKING products and gorgeous products for your gaaardens!

Second. I've opened my own business. It's organic bath and body products and lingerie. I love it. I won't plug it here because I want to keep everything garden related but I might share it on my instagram later.

Last. I've been in hospital. I am a 21 year old dumb ass that wouldn't go and get a pap-smear because it was 'too embarrasing' and now I'm a 21 year old who can't lift her arms above her head or pick up her cat or dig a plant hole for 8 weeks because my cervix was full of pre-cancer they didn't pick up early enough (because I didn't let them) and I had to have it all burnt out. All I can take out of this is to remind you all that CIN3 has NO SYMPTOMS and it does not care how old, young, healthy or active you are. Let me tell you, the operation to have it removed and the recovery is MUCH nastier than a pap-smear. Stay up to date.

Alright. Well I've got some great guest writers lined up for next months newsletters and I'm working on a giveaway with a very exciting company. I'm also trialing a skin safe UV product and app for a fantastic Australian company and can't wait to keep you informed on how that goes.

Stay tuned for my next post on my new leafy greens journey and until then, I'll see you on Instagram!

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