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The Real Joys of Container Gardening

I'm so excited to say that William Woolverton from has written a guest post for me! It's all about the real joys of container gardening and is a really informative piece - I know you'll all love it as much as I do!

The Real Joys of Container Gardening
written by William Woolverton

Growing plants in containers has been going on for thousand's of years. Why you might ask? For the joy and ease of it. Not to mention you get some greenery where you want it to be.

You can put containers in your window wells, around mail boxes, on steps, all kinds of places. If you have a water pond you can also place them around it to highlight it. Container gardening is a great way to add color and texture into your living space.

It use to be that most container gardening was done by people that lived in apartments that had no space. All of that has changed know. Lots of people now use containers for gardening. Lets look at some of the reasons people love container gardening.

1. Simple and Easy

All Need to do is find a container you like, put a hole in the bottom of the container for drainage, Fill the container with some good potting soil (not dirt), Then plant a plant you like into the container. that's just about all their is to it.

2. Containers are moveable

Is it going to frost? Just move your containers indoors for the night. How about a party? you can move your containers to liven up the spot where your going to have the party or move them out of the way. Lets say your moving well your container garden can go with you.

3. Decoration in an instant

You make a instant statement the second you place your containers out with plants in them. Your container makes an instant statement to your space without your plants being fully growen yet.

4. Changeability

Lets start with some cold hardy plants in spring. when summer rolls around you could put tropical plants in you container's. Then when fall starts to come in change you plants out for some fall colors with frost hardy plants.

Tips that will help you succeed

Watering- Plants in containers need to be watered more often than plants in the ground. Small containers and hanging baskets my need to be watered twice a day in hot weather. once in the morning and once in the evening. Large containers may only need to be watered once a day.

Feeding your plants- Since your plants are closer together and their is a limited amount of soil to hold all of the nutrients. I suggest using a time release fertilizer that last for 3 months when first planting your plants. You should still feed your container garden with a 20-20-20 water soluble fertilizer once a week.

Sun and Shade- You know it's almost impossible to pick the wrong plant for your container, but the one thing you do have to watch for is weather your plant likes the sun all the time or the shade. Heck it my even like part sun and shade. The good news is that most of your plants at the nursery will have tag's telling you what the plant likes. When you transplant your plant into your container don't forget to transplant the tag with the plant.

Creativity- Let your creative juices flow when making your container garden. Mix and match plants for a beautiful container garden. Don't forget to use veggies in your container garden as well.

Here is a good way of doing this. Find a plant that will sit in the center of your container. Let it be a tall plant. then find some smaller plants that will grow about half the size of the main plant. Then plant them around the main plant. Now while your doing this make sure you leave room for plants that will cascade over the sides of your container. Giving your container garden an awesome look.

Vegetables- As I quickly mentioned earlier use vegetables in your container garden as well. You will love the great fresh taste of fresh veggies over store bought. Mix them in with your flowers for an awesome look.

Some times the leaves of your plants will turn yellow. try this trick using Epsom salts over at

Try your hand at container gardening you'll love it. You'll love it for all the reasons stated earlier. If you would like to know more on container gardening or liked my post come see me at

Your container gardening friend William Woolverton

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