Friday, 4 November 2016

What is Companion Planting?

Hi gardening friends! From now on, every Friday I will be uploading a Companion Planting visual guide. When learning the ropes of companion planting myself, I found it hard to find information that was 'to the point' and easy to follow, so through research and trial & error, I've created a series of posters for each of our favourite vegetables to help you with your companion planting!

So what it companion planting?

You will have noticed a lot of the organic gardeners jump onto companion planting. This is because companion planting is where you put plants in close proximity to each other and reap the benefits. Compatible plants will do wonders for each other, including:
adding nutrients to the soil that other plants feed off, taking care of things such as nematodes in soil, repelling other pests, providing shade and in some cases even acting as a trellis.

It is a cost effective - and environmentally friendly - solution to pesticides and soil correction, althought it won't do all the work for you so don't forget the importance of Winter mulching. It's also a great solution for those who have small spaces to work with and can't move things willy nilly according to shade requirements.

Today will be the tomato guide.

If you find these handy, please feel free to share them around. If you choose to save them to your device and share them that way (instead of the share buttons featured below) please don't remove my website's URL from the bottom, as I've spent a lot of time on them (even if they do look basic) with design and research.

Stay Tuned and Happy Planting!
❤ Daynah Rose

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