Wednesday, 23 November 2016

DIY Garlic Oil Spray - Non Toxic Aphid Pesticide

Aphids are the bane of my gardening experience, chewing through everything I've ever loved and cared for (and everything I wanted to chew on myself). You know I'm uncomfortable using toxic things on not only my food, but in the environment in general, and I'm always looking for organic, non-toxic bee friendly solutions. The following recipe is the one I've found most effective for aphids and soft bodied plant bullies.

That is a clickable image, so save it if you like! If you redistribute it though, please link back to my blog. If you want more recipes like this, I've actually written an ebook with seven of my favourite non toxic pesticides and fungus solutions. It's less than $2 so you can have a look here if you like.

My newsletter also has a competition where two people will be able to win a free copy. There's a sign up sheet in the sidebar.

Do you have any DIY non toxic pesticides you swear by? Leave them in the comments!

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