Monday, 7 November 2016

Answer Time

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Thanks to everyone who sent in their questions for my Sunday Funday question time!
I got some great ones so I'll get stuck into them now. Click 'continue reading' to see them!
Gardening Questions

How to naturally treat black rot on grapes? - Holly Lacey

I personally don't grow grapes, but I've consulted with some gardening friends who do. The best way to organically treat black rot is to remove all affected leaves, fruit and branches. Unfortunately, this might mean a hard cut back and a loss for this seasons produce if all vines are effected. It seems that fungicides are most popular for this problem when it has taken over the whole vine, most commonly Mildew fungicides. Prevention methods can be taken by pruning the vines in a way that allows good, dry circulation to the fruit.

Do I need to bring my Gerbera Daisy inside over Winter? - Bruce

Oh I do love Gerberas! Gerbera plants are considered moderately frost tolerant. Temperatures of 1-10 degrees celcius can cause damage to the foliage, but that will repair as Spring returns. It is recommended to keep these plants out of freezing temperatures as they do die off when frozen, but it is likely they will return in Spring if the root system is not affected. An alternative to bringing them inside, if you're worried, is to cover with shade cloth when expecting frosts.

What's your favourite flower to grow to attract bees? - BonInTheGarden

My favourite is Lavender. Not necessarily the most effective, but still my favourite. I love the smell, the colour and all the crafts and household items you can create with Lavender! (tweet me if you'd like a blog post about those crafts actually)

What's your most effective, safe, slater detterent strategy? - bm_secretgarden

Pyrethrum spray! Recipe here. I've also heard that beer baits (often used on snails) is an effective deterrent, however I have not tried it yet.

Blogging Questions

What program did you use to make your blog? Would you suggest I use the same one? - the_greenhouse_garden

I use Blogger. I definitely recommend it. It's fully customisable, offers complete analytics and it's free. I did try two other platforms before Blogger, and one of them attempted to charge me $15 per month to use the URL I own, and the other wanted to charge me $100 a month to remove their logo from my website. I suggest looking through all of the available platforms and choosing one you're comfortable with, but I honestly can't fault Blogger so far.

Do you use adsense? If so, how much money do you make from it? - Helen Shadbolt

No, I don't use adsense, and I never will. I did look at getting adsense, because it's a Google thing and so is Blogger, so they can be integrated effortlessly. The reason I will never had adsense ads placed on my website? It collects cookies and I have no control over the ads that are placed on my site. So, if someone plays a hunting game on the internet and comes to my website, that hunting game may be advertised. It has nothing to do with the content on my blog, nothing I believe in BUT you've been there before so it's likely to make me money because you're likely to click on it. I don't have a blog to make money from it and I don't intend on selling things I don't believe in to my readers. That being said, there are banners in my sidebar - from businesses I love and want to support, and I do not get paid to put them there. They're gardening businesses I think gardeners would like to shop at, and whether or not you click on them makes no difference to what I post. I also offer advertising for businesses for a small fee but you will always be informed that it is an ad, and I will never advertise something I wouldn't buy!

Thanks for all the brilliant questions! If you didn't see yours here, it will be answered next time as this post got a bit lengthy. In the meantime, if you think of any more questions, email me by heading to my contact page, or drop a comment here, on Instagram. Of course, you can tweet me your questions, too.
Happy planting! ❤ Daynah-Rose

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