Thursday, 10 November 2016

Top Tips: Storing Seeds for Next Season

Whether you've purchased too many of the same seed, or so many different seeds you don't have room for all of the plants, the thought of just throwing them away is not a good one. For example, this year I ended up with 7,000 carrot seeds of different varieties because I was a little excited about the low prices on The Seed Collection (this post is not endorsed by them) and the Every Season Carrots from Mr. Fothergills that come in a pack of 5,000. I want to use them for the seasons to come, and if you do too, here are my top tips on how to store them and make sure they're still good.
Most vegetable seeds have an average lifespan of 3 years, some even up to 5. However some seeds including onion and parsnip only have a one year span - these can still be used in the next season however with a much lower germination rate than the season before.

What to store them in?

Plastic food bags, mason jars, film canisters etc. All storage must remain air tight for the entirety of storing.

Where to store them?

A dry, cool place with a constant temperature is ideal. In the back of the fridge away from the fan and freezer is a nice place to keep the seeds at a constant cool temperature and no moisture can enter given the storage method is totally air tight. This is also a good place to keep seeds out of light.

What to do when ready to plant?

Remove the seeds from the refrigerator, but ensure they remain airtight until they reach room temperature so no moisture builds up on them. Moisture will cause mould, rendering the seeds useless.

Happy planting!

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