Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Mr. Fothergill's 'All in One Pot' Review

Okay, so I am obsessed with strawberries, and if you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ll know I have trouble with them due to the fact that I don’t use pesticides or bird netting, and the birds like my strawberries as much as I do. So when I went to Bunnings and saw the All In One Bucket for Temptation Strawberries, I decided it was a sign to grow them in my little greenhouse cubby.

One of these will set you back about $10. It comes with two packets of strawberry seeds, a pot, a pot saucer and some seed raising mix containing slow release fertilizer. It’s a really nice set up for people wanting to try seeds for the first time or even experienced gardeners without the space.
So while $10 won’t really break the bank, I thought I’d offer up some pros and cons before you rush out and buy one.


  1. Space saving set up, and easy to use for people just beginning a garden.
  2. Pot is stylish and something you wouldn't mind displaying inside if that's how you choose to grow them.
  3. Provides everything you need, with a slow release fertilizer in the soil already.
  4. Seeds do germinate.


  1. Soil does not stay as moist as you would expect from a seed raising mix. When using this system, you will have to mist with water considerably more often than if you were using say, the Brunning's Seed Raising mix.
  2. Germination rate is a little below average. That being said, two packets of strawberry seeds in one pot wouldn't be ideal. I used one packet in the original pot and mix and the other in separate Jiffy pots. The germination rate in the Jiffy pots was a little higher, which could be due to using different soil or the location of the pots.

So if you’re interested in one of these I would say it’s worth the price, and I probably would purchase it again. If you’re more interested in flowers than food, in two weeks I will be posting a Petunia and Alyssum All In One Bucket review, which I picked up for $6 from the same brand.

Happy shopping!


  1. I couldn't get any to germinate :-(

  2. I couldn't get any to germinate :-(

    1. I recommend swapping the seed raising mix for a different one, and using a different compost sprinkled on top as well :)